This is a Copper Leaf which has been treated with chemicals and acids to produce a coloured pattern on the leaf. The colours are random, but as a guide, the stated colour indicates a predominance of that colour. Each booklet contains 25 leaves, each measuring 140mm x 140mm and is available in both Loose and Transfer Leaf.
Transfer Leaf Book of 25

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This product is supplied as transfer (or patent) leaf in booklets of 25; each leaf in the book has been pressed firmly to specially treated tissue paper that is separated by sheets of rouge paper. The leaf will stay adhered to its backing paper when removed from the book making it suitable for outdoor work or any other situation where a loose leaf would be unmanageable or at risk of blowing away. To apply the leaf it is pressed to the sized surface face down before peeling away the backing paper to leave the leaf on the surface. Transfer leaf is best suited for gilding flat areas.

Variegated leaf will tarnish over time and requires sealing to protect it, especially if the leaf is to be used outdoors or if the gilding is to be touched or handled regularly. We supply a number of lacquers and varnish that are suited for protecting metal leaf; in particular, we recommend using K├Âlner Leaf Protect to prevent the leaf from tarnishing, followed by a further coat of hard-wearing varnish to protect it from wear. Please note that some of the variegated leaf colors may alter in appearance when sealed, please test the leaf and any sealers before using it in any project.

Size: 140 mm x 140 mm (you will need just over two booklets per flat square meter, not allowing for wastage or any overlaps)