Pounce Powder


All of the people who have tried this invention love it. The simplicity of the design and use of the tool have people like John Hannukaine, Steve Cox, Brian Dalling, and Don Boeke using words like ‘amazing.’  I realized that I was spending 10-15 minutes each time I need to layout any sized grid for lettering, or striping, when your wage depends on time spent on actual production the more you save the better off you are. My time spent went from 10-15 min. to 10-15 seconds! Now I have the option of perfect symmetry displayed with my signature.


  • A superior blend of pounce powder for artists or other craftspeople for use in pouncing. Pouncing is the traditional way of transferring or tracing, images using paper, a pounce wheel, and a pounce pad.  125 G size.

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Pounce Powder

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