SC- Luscious Green Tropical Glitz Custom Aerosol Can Candy Basecoat


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Our Luscious Color series is a candy basecoat series with the tropical glitz sparkly taste

This new candy basecoat series is a blend of dark candy look with custom sparkle and shimmer to give you that luscious effect on your project.

  • MUST spray over a PRIMER. We highly recommend a black ground coat

  • MUST be top-coated with a clear coat.

  • 12oz spray can

  • Made in the USA

Tropical Glitz Kustom colors for creating custom finishes.


  • Extra bright colors

  • High visual impact

  • Polyester Base. Compatible with multiple paint lines


  • Coats: 2 medium wet Coats.

  • Flash time: 10-15 min between coats

  • Tropical Glitz Kustom Kolors is a poly-base paint system using the finest polyester resin ingredients.

This is a 1:1 Mix with any of our PREMIUM Reducers that correspond to your local temperature.